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Nose hygiene: Sinh2ox Health & Care

How much and what nose hygiene do we apply every day? Little, indeed, very little! Nose washings are still not a habit…, but neither was brushing one’s teeth! In Europe, brushing one’s teeth has become a widespread habit in the general population for no more than 50 years and if we find more and more people with healthy teeth at whatever age we must thank advertising and health campaigns that have transformed a hygiene operation into a collective habit.


The revolutionary “Washer”

Sinh2ox Health & Care is a young company sensitive to the problems caused by the significant increase in
respiratory allergic and inflammatory pathologies..

We studied and we market a set of specific products for nose hygiene, and therefore the health and care of the same.

Our appliances allow a gentle and painless mechanical irrigation of the nasal cavities and the paranasal sinuses, with 250 ml of saline or mildly hypertonic solution by exerting a mechanical and chemical action on pathological secretions that no other products currently on the market across Europe can guarantee.